Undoubtedly, two of the biggest decisions you will ever make in your working life are the decision to acquire a business, and the decision to sell your business.

    Supporting you, from start to finish through these decisions, is why Acquire Business Brokers exists.

    Acquire Business Brokers markets businesses for sale, or locates acquisitions for purchasers, in the vibrant border cities of Albury (NSW) and Wodonga (Victoria), situated on the banks of the historic Murray River. We also service buyers & sellers in the surrounding regions of North East Victoria as well as the Upper Murray and Southern Riverina regions of New South Wales.

    Our business is both uniquely positioned and licensed to operate across these state boundaries, whilst ensuring full compliance with both the statutory and regulatory requirements of the individual business location.

    Acquire Business Brokers are adamant that our role is to be the advocate for our client.

    Whether a Buyer or Seller, you are the stakeholder we are here to serve.